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Permanent education in health to face natural disasters: an intervention research

Bruna Salgueiro Bruno, Ana Lúcia Abrahão


This study has as a primary aim to analyze the Situational Strategic Plan (SSP) with regard to a Family Health team, as a device for Permanent Education in Health (PEH) in order to deal with natural disasters. The method to be used is intervention research which adopts a qualitative approach, in which we will use the SSP as a PEH device, in order to guide the Family Health team when it comes to planning the actions in health. The analysis of data will occur based on the observation of four stages of the SSP, and in accordance with the analysis of the content, seen as a set of techniques of communication analysis. It is expected that the implementation of the SSP will be capable of generating other guiding instruments that assist the teams in undertaking territorial actions to face natural disasters, in order to deal with such conditions in a more holistic and resolute manner.


Permanent Health Education; Natural Disasters; Situational Strategic Planning; Family Health Team


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