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A biography note – my 25 years as a nurse.

Aug. 13th is a special day for me. Why? Because thanks due to God and my mom on Aug. 13th, 1981, I graduated in nursing from Fluminense Federal University School of Nursing in Niterói, RJ, Brazil. August is also the month when we celebrate Obaluaê.

Back to college in 1986 graduated from Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Anna Nery School of Nursing with a Master Degree. In 1993, I got my PhD from São Paulo University School of Nursing.

I have worked in medical/surgical nursing, patient education for hypertension as a nursing teacher and for the past 12 years  I have worked in Nursing Research as a Full Professor at the same instituition where I graduated.

Nursing has always been more than treating "client/family response to a disease or health problem" to me. I learned to consider also the social context as gender and ethny.

During these 25 years so many events happened and I created a few things. The most important to me is the Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing. It is my signature mark in nursing.

This 3x4 self-portrait is sufficient to reveal for me new challenges to my future nursing carreer and my work. Both are part of my life and my soul.

Ogum protects the roads and the internet is a virtual road.
Ogum is also the god of technology.
He used the iron to create the instruments that help people to work for a better life and to build a better world.
He is with us since the beginning.
I pray to him to be with us always.
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