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Continuous education in the context of psychosocial care: search convergent – care

Tiago Dutra da Costa, Elaine Antunes Cortez


This is a dissertation project of the Professional Masters in Health Education from Federal Fluminense University which aims to introduce and lead a discussion and reflection on the process of working with, and continuing the education of a Psychosocial Care Children Centers (CAPSi) employees; to encourage CAPSi employees to reveal the reality of the education service, their needs and the implications of performing/promoting psychosocial care; to develop and implement a project based on psychosocial care and worker involvement in continually building new attitudes and new thinking, and therefore differentiating new ways / models in routine / work process / change minds and skills in doing the same job  daily work. An exploratory study of the field, adopting a qualitative approach based on the methodological framework of convergent-care, is to be held in a CAPSi at São Gonçalo (RJ). The subjects are all professional employees working in this setting, and ethical aspects will be respected according to Resolution 196/96.


Continuing Education; Mental Health; Psychosocial Attention.


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