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Nursing diagnoses identified in records of children with heart disease: a retrospective cohort

Valéria Gonçalves Silva, Ana Carla Dantas Cavalcanti, Tereza Cristina Felippe Guimarães


The dissertation for the Professional Master in Nursing degree, aims to: identify the nursing diagnoses of NANDA-I from the terms found in the nursing records of children with congenital heart disease; identify the results and nursing interventions for these diagnoses, and develop a standard nursing care instrument guided by the NANDA-NOC-NIC classifications. Method: A retrospective cohort consisting of a non-probabilistic sample of convenience limited to a time frame of 6 months was studied using cross mapping as a methodological tool. It was performed through the transcription and analysis of 3 nursing records, at admission, after 24 and 48 hours, in the medical records of children with heart disease, in a federal hospital in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Results: The data obtained from medical records were submitted to descriptive analysis and agreement between the researcher and expert nurses; it was measured using the Kappa coefficient


Systematization of Nursing Care; Congenital Cardiopathy; Child


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