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The ethics of nursing care for environmental crises

Lydia Vieira Freitas, Emanuella Silva Joventino, Lorena Barbosa Ximenes, Neiva Francenely Cunha Vieira, Rui Verlaine Oliveira Moreira


The environment, understood in both its global and household dimensions, affects the health of living beings directly and, especially, human beings. Environmental and climatic disasters show that this fact has become increasingly common in everyday life. This study aimed to discuss further the thematic of ethics of care for the environment, aiming to talk about humanity’s responsibility of for it. This is a reflective study on the ethics of nursing care towards the environment. It was observed that nursing can work to guide and sensitize people about the care which the environment requests. Both nursing and people need to resort to the ethics of care because it is necessary to reflect on the performance of each which can be considered morally right or wrong. Therefore, the ethical care for the environment means to use its resources, in an organized way, so that the environment can compose itself and continue to maintain self-sufficiency. Otherwise, human beings will continue to endanger the environment and, consequently, their own survival.


Environment; Ethics of Care; Dahlgren and Whitehead's Model


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