The care for the surgical client: a guide act to reach welfare. A bibliographic review

Élissa Jôse E. R. Cruz, Luciana Ranauro Assumpção, Keila Suellen de Moura Nunes, Fabiana Maia Morgado, Norma Valéria Dantas de Oliveira Souza, Maristela Freitas Silva


The study object is the implementation experience of the extension Project: “ Orientating the client in surgery situation to care differentiate”; descibing what participants have passed through and presenting a result evaluation. The project takes place with a joint work between professors, nurses, academics and nursing interns. Offering information at pre and post-operative, clarifying doubts and so clients can create strategies to face the surgical process. The activity contributed in assistance quality, in the formation of nurses committed to integrity and professional-assintential integration. It has been considered that the activity reached the objectives to assist clients to understand the internation process dynamics; to demystify the surgical experience and to reduce bio-psyquic-social alterations that are related to surgery.


Nursing, Perioperative nursing, Health education

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