Nursing in field from training: “ natural lab” a professional learning

Luiz dos Santos1

1Universidade Federal Fluminense

Advisor: Luiza Muniz da Costa Vargens.  RN, PhD. Associate professor, Alfredo Pinto Nursing School, UNIRIO.

Bibliografic legend:

SANTOS, L. dos. Enfermagem em Campo de Estágio: “Laboratório Natural” de Aprendizagem Profissional. Rio de Janeiro, 1999. 129 p. Dissertação (Mestrado) – Escola de Enfermagem Alfredo Pinto da Universidade do Rio de Janeiro.


This study, of the qualitative type, had as object the enfermagem discentes and the emergent experiences of the apprenticeship field.  The objectives consisted of the discussion of the participation of the enfermagem discentes in the activities of the apprenticeship field, as well as in the discussion of the importance for them attributed to the emergent experiences of the apprenticeship field.  For the collection of information the participant observation was used and of the semi-structured interview, accomplished in a University Hospital of the Municipal district of Niterói, while natural laboratory of learning of professional futures. After the treatment of the information, the same ones were described and interpreted to the light of the conceptions of theoretical of Paulo freire, where the dialogue and the action freedom permeate the relationship among the actors involved in the Process teaching - learning.  The categories that emerge - freedom as beginning of the Process teaching - learning and the knowledge of the reason is being made something in the practice they demonstrate that the placements expressed by the futures professionals of the Course of Graduation in Enfermagem concerning the apprenticeship curricular reflect the motivation regarding this phase of the formation, a posture critical front á reality that comes and the clarity with relationship to the paper to front to be carried out the society.
Keywords: Nursing, Nurse Education, Nursing Practice. 



Received:  August 19th, 2004  
Accepted: August 20th, 2004